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Portable Paw Cleaner

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Recovers 1 kg of ocean-bound plastic Plastic is cleaned from rivers and shorelines, providing income to local waste pickers. You can track your impact after purchase.

The Portable Paw Cleaner makes cleaning your dogs paws as easy and as stress-free as possible with very effective results! 🧼 🐾 🐶


  • The Silicone bristles gently penetrate your dogs hair removing dirt and giving their paws a deep clean.
  • Irritation free, provides a comfortable experience. 
  • Super easy to use and clean

Directions of Use

  • Step 1: Add some water to the pet foot washer.
  • Step 2: Guide your dog's paws towards the soft silicone bristles.
  • Step 3: Twist back and forth so that the silicone bristles can fully clean the paw.
  • Step 4: Remove and reveal a much cleaner paw, pat dry with a towel.
  • Step 5: Discard the water and rinse clean.


  • Material: ABS & Silicone 
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes (Please see size guide)

Size Guide



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